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     Agency and Comic Art Studios





The Scar Creative Agency and Comic Art Studios is a publisher’s one stop shop for creative content and properties that can be used in a variety of formats and publications.

Whether you need short comic strips for editorials or anthologies or full serials and graphic novels for original publications we can provide all of the above and more at competitive rates and to the highest industry standards.

Thanks to our extensive contacts in all areas of the comics industry we have access to both seasoned professionals and the hottest rising stars in all areas of comics production. These include Pencillers, Inkers, Colourists, Writers, Cover Artists, Editors and Letterers.

We also have a full slate of original material from creators who we represent that can be offered for publication under license. These concepts cover all genres including Fantasy, Crime, Westerns, Humour, Political Thrillers, Science Fiction, Horror and Super-heroes. These can be for Adults, Teens and all ages.
We can provide all artwork in a print ready form and also as layered files for digital distribution.

Whatever your creative needs are, we can fulfil them.


Artwork: Chris Askham