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Terry Wiley






  • Letterer
  • Colourist
  • Inker
  • Penciller
  • Writer
  • Creator



Born at an early age, I was taught to read with comics aged 2 (and started drawing my own comics aged about 5). As a nipper I was an avid fan of Leo Baxendale and his style (never realising that “The Bash Street Kids” in the 60's “Beano” was actually done by a Baxen-droid look-alike), and also of the nameless trooper who drew “The Chumpions” in “COR!!!” comic in 1971 (even Dez Skinn, editor at the time, can't remember who he is).  I graduated to the “Mighty World of Marvel” in my early teens,but was tragically put off comics altogether by MWM's haphazard diet of reprints, long before “2000AD” came on the scene – but, I was reintroduced to comics and their potential via “Love & Rockets” & “Cerebus” in the late 80s & started working on “Sleaze Castle” (with Dave McKinnon) almost immediately. Sleaze Castle lasted until 2001, when the strain of writing it became too much for Dave – and the whole experience meant comics weren't fun for either of us for quite a while. However, I've made a return to the drawing board (or the Wacom Pen) in 2008 with “Verity Fair,” a slightly twisted soap-opera with the merest dash of X-Files

Work History

"Sleaze Castle / Petra Etcetera"

480pp - Gratuitous Bunny Comix / Markosia 1987-2012

Pencil, ink, tone, lettering

"Trip Into Space" - "This is a Souvenir - Songs of Spearmint & Shirley Lee"

8pp Image 2008 

Pencil, ink, colour, rendered backgrounds, lettering

"Jane Eyre","Frankenstein","Christmas Carol"

~400pp total - Classical Comics 2008


13 books in the Oxford Bookworms Library (TEFL iPad apps)

~200pp total -  EigoTown.com 2010 - present


"Verity Fair" 

~110pp to date - IDCM, 2010 - present

Script, pencil, ink, colour, rendered backgrounds, lettering

Art Education

None. Not a dicky bird. Nada, other than up to Year 9 messing about. A-level Engineeering Drawing?

 (My high school was one of those that deemed it impossible to take Art & Science subjects together by running the classes at the same time of day). Degree in Computing and Physics instead!


I have managed to figure out the following media/software from scratch:

Technical pen /  dip pen / crowquill  / brush pen

Letratone / ziptone / Bristol board / lineboard  / Ames lettering guide

Adobe Photoshop  (14 years) /  Illustrator (6 years)