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Before the creation of Scar Comics Shane Chebsey had been self publishing and publishing others since 1994 and founded the Smallzone Distribution Service for small press publishers in 2000. This company still exists today and sells books for publishers such as Top Shelf, Moonstone and Jonathan Cape as well as hundreds of self publishers.

Since 2006 Shane has also been an Events Director for International Comic Shows and has helped to organise the UK’s major comics event “BICS” from 2006 to 2010 as well as the International Comic Industry Conference  “Comics Launch Pad” in 2011



Andy Richmond has been working in magazine publishing for many years in many different creative roles. He knows the nitty gritty of putting a high quality publication together to tight deadlines and to a high standard.

In 2002 he worked on the acclaimed Naked Magazine and in 2003 he published his first anthology “Dusk”, which was a top selling title on the Smallzone website.

Since co founding Scar Comics in 2004 Andy has mentored many young artists and writers and lead a series of comics workshops in Bristol between 2004 and 2005. Many of the creators involved have gone on to great things.