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Chris Askham








I have been working within the small press comics scene since the early 1990ís, self publishing my own work as well as providing artwork for numerous other titles. One of the earliest projects I collaborated on in the mid-90ís was the self-published Sin, of which I was co-creator and artist. This was a particularly good time for small press comics, many of which at the time were simple photocopied affairs with a stapled spine. During this time I also produced artwork for titles such as Slices, The Jock, Bulldog Adventure Magazine, Dan & The Ankou and My Life Story.

After completing a BA(Hons) degree in illustration in the late 1990ís, I took a short break from comics to focus more on freelance illustration, but returned in 2000 to self-publish Doctor Sponge and Ally & The Big Man.

As the technology improved, and small press comics began to look more professional, I found myself producing work for the 2000ad fanzines FutureQuake, Zarjaz and Dogbreath. As well continuing to produce work for these I have also worked for the sci-fi anthology Omnivistascope, Armageddon Patrol (the story of super-powered soldiers in the Vietnam War) and a bitter story of twisted romance for PJANG.

I also continue to produce freelance illustration work, most recently for the Sitiís Sisters series of girlís teen fiction for Ransom publishing.


1995 - 1998 Illustration BA (Hons) 2.1
Wolverhampton University
School of Art and Design
Molineux Street
Wolverhampton WV1 1SB

1993 - 1995 BTEC National Diploma in General Art & Design
South Nottingham College
Charnwood Centre
Farnborough Road
Nottingham NG11 8LU

Artwork: Chris Askam