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P M Buchan


Artwork: Chris Doherty

Artwork by Phillip Marsden







A writer drawn to the macabre and misanthropic, P M Buchan writes comic-books, prose and films about remorseful drunks, destructive relationships and the distance between dreams and reality.  A lifelong passion for the Romantics has led P M to adapt classic poetry into traditional and manga-influenced comic-books with a variety of artists as well as basing his first novel on several poems by John Keats. Horror and film noir also pervade his work, creating stories populated by unreliable narrators, femme fatales and tragic monsters. He hopes to pioneer the genre of Apocalypse Romance.

P M Buchan first began writing comic-books for publication and writing about comic-books at the end of 2010. His one-page comic strips have been serialised in SCREAM: The Horror Magazine and Starburst Magazine. Each month P M works with a new artist and creates original, one-off strips, sometimes satirising popular films and culture but more often creating new characters and situations to suit the abilities of that month’s artist. As the sole writer about comic-books for SCREAM: The Horror Magazine and lead comics columnist for Starburst Magazine P M has interviewed some of the biggest writers and artists working in comics today and makes a point of using his platform to promote the works of independent comic creators equally alongside the output of the world’s best-known publishers.

After being given a massive comic-book collection at the age of eight P M Buchan developed a love for comics that has never faded. Studying English Literature at the University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne he wrote his dissertation on the subject of ‘Comic-books as literary representations of the periods in which they were created’, achieving his highest mark at any point during the degree. For the next three years P M worked at a busy comic-book store, creating small press comics, running comic forums and generally reading every graphic novel in print at the time.  Since then P M has worked at a public library running reading groups to educate young people about the medium of comics, including successfully applying for a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund to pay for teenagers to interpret their local heritage through manga-style comics.

Published Comics

Crazy for You illustrated by Karen Yumi Lusted. Featured in the J-Cult anthology published by Non-Repro Press, 2012.

Harajuku Poison Heart illustrated by Pablo Vague. Starburst issue 380, August 2012.

Sleeping with the Fishes illustrated by Leonie O’Moore. Starburst issue 379, July 2012.

Zingo’s Lament illustrated by Joe Whiteford. Starburst issue 378, June 2012.

Hunger Royale illustrated by Chris Doherty. Starburst issue 377, May 2012.

The Fall illustrated by Alwyn Talbot. Starburst issue 376, April 2012.

Not  Now, Bernie illustrated by Phillip Marsden. Starburst issue 375, March 2012.

Esben and the Witch illustrated by Phillip Marsden. Published in SCREAM issue 9, January 2012.

Torou Nagashi illustrated by Karen Yumi Lusted. Published in SCREAM Best of Annual, December 2011.

A Krampus Christmas illustrated by Jack Fallows. Published in SCREAM issue 8, November 2011.

I was a Teenage Werewolf illustrated by Jack Fallows. Published in SCREAM issue 7, September 2011.

Don’t Fear the Reaper illustrated by Jack Fallows. Published in SCREAM issue 6, July 2011.

Drag the Lake illustrated by Kate Holden. Published in SCREAM issue 5, May 2011.

What’s Inside A Girl? Self-published 2007.

Blackout issues 1 to 4. Anthology series published by Compromise Comics/Crumpet Time Comics 2005 – 2010.

Everything Is Going To Be Alright. Self-published 2002.

Other Published Writing

The Heart of Things. Short story featured in The Bleed magazine issue 2, August 2012.

Review of Do The Gods Wear Capes by Ben Saunders. Featured in the Modern Humanities Research Association’s academic journal Modern Language Review, Volume 107, Number 2, April 2012.

Interview with John Ridgway. Featured in STRIP Magazine issue 3, January 2012.

Drinking Bleach Instead. Short story featured in The Bleed magazine issue 1, December 2011.

A Question of Faith. Article about Folk-Horror featured in the Lionsgate e-magazine Fright Club issue 6, October 2011.

Sinister Seven interview with Ben Templesmith. Featured on the Rue Morgue Magazine website, September 2011.

Adventures On Alternative Earths. Monthly columnist for Starburst Magazine since May 2011.  All columns were online only until the relaunch of the print magazine in February 2012, and since then have been available in print and on iPads worldwide.

Comic-book specialist for SCREAM: The Horror Magazine from January 2011 until January 2012.

Film Work

La Belle Dame Sans Merci – Writer/producer. Horror short filmed in association with Mitsuko Studios, 2011.

The Treatment – Writer. Horror short filmed in association with Mitsuko Studios, 2011.

Also acted as part of the organising team for the first Cutting Edge film festival in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, November 2011.