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Dave Crane









Personal Statement

Dave has been fascinated by comics since an early age, with influences ranging from 2000AD and The Fantastic Four to Scott McCloud's theoretical writings and experimental works by the likes of Lorenzo Mattotti, Dave McKean, Rick Geary and Jason Lutes.

Dave has painted and self-published a 42-page painted comic book “The Moon Bone Cycle”, based on Australian Aboriginal songs and stories, and is currently focusing on digital manipulation of images, mixed media and photography.

Outside of the comics world, Dave is a well-known authority on web software development, having written (and illustrated!) four bestselling books on the topic, and worked in fields as diverse as home automation, digital TV, and supply-chain traceability.

Comics Work

The Moon Bone Cycle (self-published 2010)


University of Edinburgh

  • Bsc, Environmental Chemistry (1991)

  • MSc, parallel Computing (1992)

  • PhD, Ecological Economics (2000)


Artwork: Dave Crane