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Peter Rogers









Multi award winning advertising creative Peter Rogers came to comics via a series of screenwriting courses at Raindance in London. He burst onto the scene in 2004, winning the Writer's Pitching Session at the Bristol Comic Expo. In 2007 he co-founded Orang Utan Comics, publishing anthology title Eleventh Hour featuring his own short stories alongside the work of other rising talent. A year later the book was nominated for an Eagle Award. In the years that followed he's had a wide variety of work published about a variety of subjects including soldiers, vampires, vikings, superheroes, footballers and demon hunters. A qualified teacher he also lectures and runs workshops on writing for comics.

Published Highlights

Original Graphic Novel - 

The Interactives (Markosia)

One Shots -

Fragments of Fate (Unseen Shadows)
Fame: Beckham (Bluewater Productions)
Fight Back VT (Goliath Productions)

Anthology stories -

Eye of the Storm (Dimestore Productions, Orang Utan Comics)
Seniors (Markosia)
Red Cave (Fat Boy Comics)
Bloodstain (Orang Utan Comics)

Purgatory Blues (Orang Utan Comics)
Abattoir (Orang Utan Comics)


"The Interactives is an OGN that, dare I say it, is the perfect entry point to comics for teen readers." Broken Frontier

“For those missing Captain Britain And MI:13, don’t fret, your new favourite British superteam are here.” - Rob Williams (Ghost Rider, Low Life)

"I would definitely read more comics from both this author and artist. It's a powerful combination that shows the true power of imagination." Sequential Tart