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John A Short


'Armageddon Patrol' is copyright Short, John, Talbot & Taylor. Art is by Vincent Danks










John A. Short is a freelance comics writer who has worked in every different sphere and style of comic storytelling. From children's humour comics like "Robin Hoodie" and "Rex!" through to American-style action adventure comics like "The Clock Strikes!" and "Armageddon Patrol". From educational comics like 'The Sixpenny Murder' through underground comics like 'Rip Off Comix'. From newspaper strips like 'Ruth Rot' to adult comics like Eros.

 “John A. Short's writing is, as always, superb. Having read (and re-read) several comic titles that he has penned now I can say that his style of storytelling and use of dialogue is always of a high standard and is always adaptive to the titles needs.”

From a review of 'Armageddon Patrol' book 1 from the Escape From Tomorrow blogsite.

Work History

May 2012

-          Savage! Jungle Princess – Wrote and published a light-hearted, full-colour adventure comic in the American format under the Kult Creations imprint.

February  2012

-          The Clock Strikes! - Wrote and published a revival of the first masked hero in comic books. The American format comic was produced under Short's  Kult Creations company to critical acclaim and sold in UK comic shops.

October 2010 – present

-          Mayfair Magazine - from Paul Raymond Publications. Writing the one-page humour comic strip ‘Ms. Fortune’. On sale in British newsagents.

February 2010

-          Changing Places+ Programme. Commissioned to develop and write a comic strip element for a scheme to encourage young people out of knife crime and gang culture. 'The Sixpenny Murder' is used in schools throughout Britain.

May 2008 – October 2010

-          Edusite for English and Media Studies. Producing two comic scripts a month for the Hunt Emerson created on-line educational comic strip ‘Ardnox High’.

January 2008

-          The Mammoth Book of Best New Manga Volume Two. Created and wrote the action/adventure/humour/horror comic strip ‘Cross’. On sale in book shops world wide.

August 2006 – October 2008

-          Men Only Magazine - from Paul Raymond Publications. Wrote the one-page humour strip ‘Brit Starr’ for two years. On sale in British newsagents.

August 2006 – August 2008

-          Soft Secrets Magazine - from Discover. Produced the one page humour strips ‘Spliffy: The Stoner Chick!’ and ‘Dope Squad’ for two years. On sale throughout Britain, Holland, France, Spain, Italy and Poland, translated into the appropriate languages and seen by over a hundred thousand readers a month.

January 2004

-          Loxley: Honour Among Thieves - from Alchemy Texts. Self-published Robin Hood adventure in American comic format. Sold through Diamond Comics Distributors to comic shops in Britain and the United States.

September 2003 – October 2010

-          Toxic Magazine - from Egmont Publications. Created two successful one-page children’s humour comic strips, ‘Robin Hoodie’ and ‘Rex!’ On sale in British newsagents. Read by around thirty thousand children every two weeks.

January 2003 – January 2007

-          Eros Comix - from Fantagraphics Books. Produced many short erotic comic strips for six different titles. Available from United States comic shops.

December 1997 – May 2004

-          Armageddon Patrol - from Alchemy Texts. Self-published superhero/war comic in America comics format. Nine issues produced and sold through Diamond Comics Distributors to comic shops in Britain and the United States.

September 1995 – March 2004

-          Octobriana Mini-Series - from Revolution Comics. Self-published communist superhero adventure comic in American comics format. Seven issues produced and sold through Diamond Comics Distributors to comic shops in Britain and the United States. Winner of the award for ‘Best New British Comic’ in Britain’s National Comic Awards.

September 1989 – March 1990

-          Rip Off Comix Magazine - from Rip Off Press. Wrote the sci-fi humour strip ‘Fangs McCoy: Killer For Hire’. Available in the United States.

December 1984 – April 1985                                                                         

-          The South Coast Express. Produced four different comic strips for this local newspaper.