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Are you a professional comic creator looking for regular paid work?
If your answer is yes then the Scar Creative Agency and Comics Art Studio is just what youíve been looking for.

We can offer the right creators with the right skills and the right amount of creative drive the opportunity of regular work within the comic industry and beyond. We are always looking for pencillers, inkers, colourists, writers, designers, cover painters and letterers.

We have access to a range of comic book work. This can be in the form of short assignments within licensed publications or it can be full length graphic novels or comic book serials.
We are also able to consider creator owned pitches for Graphic Novels from individual creators and creative teams. (We can send you a pitch template for this upon request).

There are no upfront fees to sign up with SCAR and our cut from your gross earnings is set at European industry standards.
Ownership of any original material will remain with the you, the creator.
We would not only work hard to find you work, but also to protect your creative rights and to find you the right opportunities for you to exploit your properties.

Unlike most other agencies we will also be acting as a studio, so can help creators develop their properties to the point where they can make the most effective pitch to publishers.

We have solid links with some of the UKís largest publishers and can offer the right creators opportunities in all areas of the industry as well as opportunities within other publishing industries.

Our contracts offer very flexible terms and include exclusive, non exclusive and "single client" options.

If you are interested in signing up with us or have any questions about SCAR please donít hesitate to email us at:

We will need to see some good examples of your work and a full CV. Comic Artists must include sequential pages to be considered.

Artwork: Chris Askham